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Through the lenses of Adity Mohsin

by Sakuragun Chan

Adity Mohsin is considered to be one of the premiere Rabindra Sangeet exponents in the country, having earned immense popularity in her career spanning over two decades. Marking Rabindra Jayanti this year, the singer shares her journey and upcoming plans in a candid chat with The Daily Star.

Everyone has been in their houses for these past couple of weeks due to the lockdown. How are you spending your time?

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It has been months since we have been in lockdowns and I have always tried my best to adjust to the ‘new’ normal. I teach music at the Anandadhara School online. Besides Bangladeshi students, I also have students from India and Dubai, among many other countries. I also have a YouTube channel where I am trying to upload as much digital content as possible. I have actually been quite active during this pandemic and I must say, through work has been a little difficult, I am enjoying every bit of it.

How are you planning to spend the day today?

I don’t have any specific plans yet as we are all in lockdown. Nevertheless, since it is Rabindra Jayanti, I will definitely do something special online.

Why did you choose to pursue Rabindra Sangeet?

Tagore’s philosophy is what had attracted me to take up Rabindra Sangeet. His songs are not always about happiness or practiced for the purpose of entertainment. Rabindra Sangeet makes us mature and sophisticated. Also, Rabindranath has always had a huge impact on the lives of Bengali people, and I am no different.

You have been a fan favourite in both parts of Bengal. How do you feel about it?

Being born and brought up in Bangladesh, I love this country and the appreciation of my fans from here more than anything. I know I have earned a place in the cultural square of West Bengal, and I do enjoy their love as well. It seems like we are two sides of the same coin.

What advice would you like to give to the younger promising Rabindra Sangeet singers?

Anyone who wishes to have a career in music should first and foremost, aim to never give up on their dreams. With proper training, dedication, and love for the art, you will surely succeed, be it sooner or later.

The importance of art is inevitable, and it has always kept its place intact even in capitalistic societies. It helps a nation develop emotions and improve their understanding of social structures, among numerous other such factors.

I believe, we have the responsibility to guide the upcoming generations and lead the path of righteousness and that is what I have been doing to with my work—trying to inspire the upcoming generation to keep their traditions alive through art.

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