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Nets’ Kyrie Irving hit with another fine for ‘repeated refusal’ to speak the media

by MD Samsuzzaman Siyam

Kyrie Irving isn’t here, so he does get fined.

The Nets star has — once again — been fined by the NBA for “repeated refusal” to speak with the media, with the team also incurring a small penalty. The league released a statement on Wednesday explaining the fine.

“The fines result from Irving’s repeated refusal to participate in postgame media availability,” the NBA said.

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This is the second time Irving has been fined  small bucks for refusing to speak to the media. In December, Irving was fined $25,000 for blowing off a media day event prior to the start of the 2020-21 season.

Irving’s fine is the latest in a string of curious incidents with the talented Brooklyn point guard during the 2020-21 season: Following Irving’s December fine, he missed several weeks in January while tending to nondescript “personal issues,” which he says was time to get his mental health in order.

He also put Nets coach Steve Nash in the crosshairs prior to the start of the season, when he and teammate Kevin Durant said he felt the team didn’t need a head coach.

Irving has referred to the media as “pawns” in the past.

The fine is no issue or worry for the Nets, the East’s No. 2 overall seed, as the team continues its quest to bring a championship to Brooklyn.

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