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The ‘Action King’ of Bangla cinema

by Sakuragun Chan

It is believed that our film industry took a new turn with the movie ‘Laraku’. Even though action scenes had always existed in other movies, it is through “Laraku” that the actions scenes incorporating martial arts like kung fu and karate became popular. Masum Parvez Rubel, popularly known as Rubel, made his debut in the 1986 movie directed by Shahidul Islam Khokon.

In the history of Bangla Cinema, the very mention of the martial arts genre brings to mind the name of one man- Rubel, the “Bruce Lee” of the Dhakaiya Bengali Cinema. During the eighties and the nineties, he had thoroughly kept the audience entertained in martial arts through the action scenes in his movies. It had become quite popular among the people and had inspired many youngsters to take up interest in learning martial arts.

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 “This movie is an all-time favorite of mine. People know me through Laraku”, says Rubel. “Produced by my brother Sohel Rana, the movie is the first to pave the way for the martial arts genre in Bengali Films.”

“There is a scene in the movie which is very close to my heart. Shot in Cox’s bazar, in the middle of the sea, I had to perform an action stunt while keeping my legs apart on two trawlers. If my legs went a little sideways, my body would have been torn apart,” says the actor. “The scene was risky but the audiences loved it. I can close my eyes and transport back to those golden days.”

“Buke ache mon, mone ache asha, asha theke hoi bujhi Bhalobasha..” is a song from the movie “Laraku”. It feels as if the song had been recorded just yesterday. Composed by Alam Khan, the song was sung by Andrew Kishor and Runa Laila. It will always remain in the list of my favourite songs.” Adds Rubel.

Right after starring in this film, Rubel acted in movies titled “Udhar”, “Birpurush”, “Bojrromushthi”, Hungkar”, “Birbikrom”, “Amii Shahinshah”, “Bishdaat”, “Bojropaat” and “Inkilab”, all of which became hits. He went on to star in more than 200 movies, while also producing and directing 17 films. Apart from that, he has his own fighting group called “The Action Warriors” which has directed many actions scenes from different movies.

 The talented actor has also starred in movies titled, “Okorma”, “Uthan Poton”, “Onyay Ottachar”, “Mohaguru”, “Mintu Shomrat”, “Lorai”, “Somporko Mohashotru”, “Mrittudondo”, “Mayer kanna”, “Top Rongbaj”,” Chokher Pani”, “Jolonto Agun”, “Bir Joddha”, “Shomporko”, “Opohoron”, “Ghorer Shotru”, “Sotorko Shoitan”, “Mir Zafar”, “Jolonto Barudh”, “Khoma Nei” and “Ragi”.

Every movie starring Rubel was appreciated by the audience, especially because he used to take part in the action scenes bare-handed — he did not use any weaponry.

Rubel is the younger brother of actor Masud Parvez aka Sohel Rana. Their brother Kamal Parvez also produced some movies. The three brothers were seen together in the film “Birpurush”.

Yesterday marked the 59th birthday of the brilliant “Action king”.


Translated by Mormee Mahtab

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