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199 women, 153 girls suffered violence in March: Mahila Parishad

by Istiak Ahmed Shimul

A total of 199 women and 153 girls suffered different forms of violence over the last month in the country, says a report of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. 

Of 109 rape incidents, 70 involved children; 62 girls were raped, five were gang-raped, one was murdered after rape, and two died by suicide after rape, says the report, prepared based on news published in 13 national dailies.

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The women’s rights organisation sent its monthly report to the media yesterday.

The report also said seven women and 10 girls faced rape attempts in March.

Two women and two girls were sexually assaulted, and three women and seven girls were sexually harassed in the same period. Besides, 16 women and girls were abducted.

Also, two women suffered from acid attacks, and four succumbed to burn injuries.

At least 49 women and girls (12 girls) were murdered due to various reasons, while another 11 faced murder attempts.

Also, 20 women were tortured over dowry, and nine of them were killed.

Thirty-three women and girls were physically tortured, while 15, including eight girls, took their own lives due to torture.

Also, 43 women and girls (12 girls) died mysteriously.

There were five incidents of child marriage in the country last month. Besides, seven women and girls were victims of cybercrime.

Mahila Parishad regularly compiles the data to document incidence of reported violence against women and girls in the country.

Expressing serious concern over such incidents, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad General Secretary Maleka Banu said the statistics do not point to a society safe for women.

“Incidents of violence are not decreasing in any way, and the state is not being able to ensure justice for these offences. Mahila Parishad calls for justice for every single incident of violence against women and girls through impartial investigation,” she said.

“We also urge the government to execute a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of violence against women and girls,” she added.


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