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‘It’s wrong that the World Cup was awarded to Qatar’ : sports

by Sakuragun Chan

I used to live in Qatar. There are numerous clubs in Doha and tickets to the games are basically free or a nominal fee at best. Despite that, the stadiums remain virtually empty for league games. I always found it funny that I’d find people in shisha cafes watching the games on TV when you could literally see the lights from the stadium 800m away.

For national team games, the Qatar Football Association goes to the migrant worker camps and scoops up anyone they can and put them on buses to take to the games. The Nepalese, Indian, Kenyan etc. workers are then given Qatar flags, hats, scarves and meal boxes and are sent into the stadiums to make up the crowd because most of the locals simply don’t care. I’ve watched the likes of Bayern Munich play in half-empty stadiums in Doha, despite how ‘football mad’ they apparently are. In fact, I’m pretty sure I watched Tony Kroos playing there.

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