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Detectives find cause of Tiger Woods crash but won’t reveal it : sports

by Sakuragun Chan

I read this article and ESPN desperately needs to fire this “author” so they can go get a job with TMZ where they belong.

The headline is pure clickbait trash, and the article is filled with stuff like “the sheriff has been heavily criticized for his response, including a statement that Woods’ crash was purely an accident.”

Then they cite some “law professor” (who I can only assume is actually just a Twitter warrior) commenting about how it’s their FEELING that it’s unusual that the sheriff won’t release the info. Uhhhhh… fact check maybe? The author could literally just call up the sheriffs office and say “hey can you give me the details on the cause of the most recent auto incident you have completed an investigation for besides Woods” and see what they say….

Then the article makes a very clear attempt to paint Tiger as a helpless drug addict and insinuate he was on drugs by reminding us that he went to rehab after a crash in 2017 when he was actually charged with a DUI.

The very worst of it though is the “author” trying to imply Woods was most definitely impaired, by saying he doesn’t remember the crash or even driving, that he didn’t remember the first witness to check on him. Uhhh… ever heard of a concussion? Shock from having your fucking legs crushed? There are plenty of reasons someone in such a violent awful crash may have lost their memory besides benzos….

Man I’m pissed I even clicked this fuckin link. Absolute dog shit article, ESPN should be deeply ashamed for publishing it.

EDIT; oh, the “professor” quote gets even sillier. This dude is not a law professor, he is a retired police officer who teaches a course about law and criminal justice at the 13th cheapest undergrad university in the country

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