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Gems of Nazrul’s Independence Day tribute to release on March 26

by MD Ashraful Islam

As a tribute to Bangladesh’s Golden Jubilee of Independence in the birth centenary year of the Father of the Nation, a special musical production by Gems of Nazrul will be telecast on Channel I at one minute past midnight on March 26.

The 16th production by Gems of Nazrul will feature a hundred artistes performing two songs – “Eyi Amader Bangaladesh” and “Durgomo Giri”. The vocals are performed by leading Nazrul exponents Shaheen Samad, Sadya A Mallick, Dalia Nausheen, Fatema Tuzzohora, Yasmin Mustari, Shahid Kabir Polash,  Bijon Mistri, Mahmudul Hassan, and the younger generation of artistes. The videos will be available on the official YouTube channel of Gems of Nazrul and associated social media pages. 

Conceptualised by noted Nazrul singer and cultural personality Sadya Afreen Mallick, the music is directed by Ibrar Tipu and the video production by Rommo Khan.

The song will be accompanied by a dance performance choreographed by noted Manipuri dancer Warda Rihab and performed by Dhriti Nartanalaya. The production has been supported by Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh.

The performance pays tribute to the leadership and sacrifice that culminated in the country’s independence. The songs of Nazrul Islam, the Rebel poet bestowed with the title of the country’s National Poet is noted for both its fiery and patriotic lyrical beauty.


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