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Kumar Bishwajit and Samarjit Roy team up for ‘Violiner Shohor’

by MD Ashraful Islam

Celebrated musician Samarjit Roy’s new song, “Violiner Shohor” was released on his YouTube channel recently. The number, composed by renowned musician Kumar Bishwajit, is written by Mizanur Rahman Saami.

The music is arranged by popular Kolkata-based music director Rocket Mondal and Samarjit Roy. The mixing and mastering are done by Goutam Basu.

“Our new generation is far from the practice of pure music, as availability has overwhelmed us. They seem to be preoccupied with glamour and give up the motivation to be better. However, they tend to forget that it is easier to be motivated, if you pursue an art form wholeheartedly. Their lack of knowledge and effort is the reason behind failures,” says Kumar Bishwajit, who previously composed the song “Thikana Bangladesh” for Samarjit Roy. “I think Samarjit is one of the few young talents who went for classical music, and is determined to represent our culture by engaging himself in the practice of pure music. I wanted to give him a melody that was sweet and highlighted his classical mastery. He has sung this composition beautifully.


“I look up to Kumar Bishwajit not only as a musician, but also as a confidante. He has always been there for me. Artistes like him are not made in a day. The audience is no stranger to his unique style of composition,” shares Samarjit Roy. “Mizanur Rahman Saami is one of my favourite lyricists of this generation and “Violiner Shohor” has allowed me to work with a team that is very special to me. I hope I win over the audience yet again, just as I had a few months back with Haimanti Sukla’s ‘Kichu Kichu Raat'”.


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