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Jaya Ahsan talks ‘Alatchakra’, latest projects

by MD Ashraful Islam

National Film Award-winning actor Jaya Ahsan has earned acclaim for her performances both at home and abroad. Her film, “Alatchakra”, a government-funded project based on the Liberation War of Bangladesh, was released recently. Dubbed as the first 3D film to be released in Bangla, “Alatchakra” is directed by Habibur Rahman, and based on Ahmed Sofa’s novel of the same name. In a candid chat with The Daily Star, Jaya Ahsan talks about working on the film, and more.

Congratulations on the release of your film, “Alatchakra”. Do you have any message for your fans?

Thank you to you, and to The Daily Star. I am grateful to my fans for their immense love and support over the years. I intend to keep working hard for them. After a long delay, movie theatres have started releasing new films. Our film industry has dealt with huge losses amidst the pandemic. Now, I hope that people come to watch our film, following all safety guidelines. This is a special film because we made it to commemorate 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence.

“Alatchakra” has been released at over 10 movie theatres in the country so far. How do you feel about the audience’s response?

My loved ones and well-wishers who watched the film praised my work. They are now encouraging others to go watch it in theatres. I attended a premiere show of the film, along with the audience. Their response truly inspired me.

“Alatchakra” is adapted for the silver screen from a novel. Did this adaptation challenge you in any way?

“Alatchakra” is an important film because it is based on a novel by a celebrated author like Ahmed Sofa, and it focuses on the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Even though there were different pressures surrounding the film adaptation and it challenged me in various ways, I enjoyed working on it, and I was determined to do a good job.

You play the role of Tayeba in the film. What can you tell us about her?

The protagonists of “Alatchakra” are Daniel (Ahmed Rubel) and Tayeba, who meet at a refugee camp. The film explores the Liberation War of Bangladesh brilliantly, I don’t want to take away the excitement by revealing too much about it.

You also worked on a film directed by Piplu R Khan, during the shutdown induced by the pandemic. Can you tell us anything about that?

The film with Piplu R Khan is currently in post-production. I have also collaborated with Indian filmmaker Soukarya Ghoshal for the film, “OCD”.


Translated by Shababa Iqbal

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