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[WATCH] Now you can have your own backyard wind power plant!

by Sakuragun Chan

Today’s world has finally begun to dawn on the concept of clean energy as scientific innovations open doors to a future in which, at some point, human civilisation would no longer need to rely on the non-renewable natural resources to power its wheel of progress.

However, harnessing the unlimited potential from the renewable forms of natural resources has so far come at a great price, until the Biometric Energy Trees enter the scene.

Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, a French entrepreneur, has come up with an ingenious idea to harness the power of wind around us to produce cost effective clean energy for consumption.

The system, called Arbre à Vent or “NewWind”, does not need a large turbulence in the wind to operate. It is small enough to be installed in your backyard and can generate electricity with just a light breeze.

NewWind’s Wind Turbine Tree system consists of 72 S-type conical volume silent blades, or “Aeroleaves”, designed in perfect imitation of leaves, together with steel branches which are fixed to a magnetic assembly, and can generate electricity when a light breeze sets the blades to rotation.

It can generate electricity in wind speeds as low as 7kmph (5mph), regardless of the wind direction, and can operate around 280 days a year. The system is capable of producing enough power for 15 street lamps, or one electric car for 1.6km (1 mile) for a year.

These tree-shaped wind turbines were recently tested at Place de la Concorde in Paris, and 40 more units have been installed in the country this month. The approximate cost of installing each tree will be about US$ 35,000, however, the price is expected to decrease as production becomes less expensive and technology is developed further.

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