Home Science This electric motorcycle was completely printed in 3D

This electric motorcycle was completely printed in 3D

by MD Samsuzzaman Siyam

The German 3D printing specialist BigRep has demoed its expertise by crafting a prototype 3D-printed electric motorcycle. All of the bike’s parts are 3D printed except its motor and battery.

This first 3D-printed electric motorcycle is called Nera. From the frame and the fork to the rims and even the airless tires, almost all of this motorcycle’s components have been 3D printed with machines produced by BigRep. Its sleek lines are the work of designers Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak.

The result is a compact e-bike (190cm x 90cm x 55cm) that is fully functional. There’s currently no word on performance specs, however. It’s also unclear whether the project will give rise to a production model.

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