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Shat Bochorer Khatiyan: A retrospective of Professor Nisar Hossain

by MD Ashraful Islam

Renowned artist, critic, and activist Nisar Hossain’s solo art exhibition “Shat Bochorer Khatiyan” is underway at Gallery Chitrak. It was launched on February 19, and will conclude on March 19, 2021. Gallery Chitrak inaugurated their journey in their new location at Dhanmondi with this exhibition.

Nisar Hossain is the Dean of Faculty of Fine Art, and Professor in Department of Drawing & Painting, University of Dhaka. He completed his BFA in Drawing & Painting from University of Dhaka, and his MFA in Painting from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan in India.

Professor Hossain celebrated his 60th birthday on February 20, 2021. This exhibition is named in honour of that.  “It is very unusual of me to have solo exhibitions. Back in 2002, when minorities were being killed again like 1971, I included galleries as a part of my work and took part in a solo exhibition, namely ‘Portrait of the Killer’. This time around, I wanted the exhibition to be more like a retrospective. I wanted to see how my journey, my continuity has been, and put my sixty yearlong life up for evaluation,” he shared. “Artist Rashid Choudhury, whom I consider to be my guru, passed away at the age of 54. It would not be possible for us to be of his stature even if we lived for a century. So, I thought that it was about time that I showcased all my works. This exhibition presents 80 of my works from the past 44 years.”

The strokes on Professor Hossain’s artworks speak to the viewers and send out messages, which depicts the unpleasant stories around us. Some might consider this to be a cry for help, whereas others might pursue its meaning as a roar out of rage. His creations speak on behalf of the powerless. He paints to drain his desolations and finds peace in the presence of his artistic abode.

During the pandemic, besides coordinating a face-shield making project for frontline workers of BSMMU, along with Engineer Mainul Abedin, he worked on a photography-based project, named “Covid Flower”, which was showcased in an exhibition in the USA. It is also being exhibited in Gallery Chitrak, along with all the comments he received.

“Pablo Picasso has been a constant source of motivation for me. When I come to think about the range of his philosophical points of view, creativity and balance of contemporary and primitive artistic adeptness, captivate me,” shared Professor Hossain.

He believes that with the birth of newer generations of artists, the aesthetics of art is bound to change ceaselessly. “Young artists today must keep working hard and dive deep into their work,” he said.  

The author is a freelance journalist.



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