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Shelu Barua launches his YouTube channel

by MD Ashraful Islam

Renowned singer Shelu Barua has recently launched his YouTube channel, Nazrul Sangeet Adi Sur-e. The artiste, also a Nazrul Sangeet teacher at the Govt Music College, plans to employ the channel as a global learning platform for enthusiasts who wish to pursue Nazrul Sangeet.“I hope the initiative will prevent the genre from getting distorted with regard to its original tune and lyrics,” said Shelu Barua. “Basically, the channel, first of its kind in Bangladesh, will help those who don’t get proper teachers of Nazrul Sangeet both at home and abroad.”

The singer initially uploaded 20 songs, composed by National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, including Harano Hiyar Nikunjo Poth-e, Musafir Mochhrey Aankhi Jol and Amar Jabar Somoy Holo. He intends to gradually upload around 200 songs with time. Each song will be a 10 to 15-minute track, and will comprise of a rendition of the song, its relevant history and learning instructions.  

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