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Munmun Ahmed to perform at ‘Sambandh: Bestowing Inspiration’

by MD Ashraful Islam

As a tribute to the legend Pandit Vijay Shankar, Prerna- Centre for Performing Arts is organising a music and dance ensemble titled, Sambandh: Bestowing Inspiration at Ghanshyam Das Birla Sabhagar, Kolkata. The programme will be inaugurated on January 18.

The two-day event features performances by renowned music and dance maestros, including Kathak exponent Munmun Ahmed from Bangladesh, Pandit Subhankar Banerjee, Smt Luna Poddar and Pandit Debasish Sarkar, among many others.

Munmun Ahmed feels privileged to be a part of this event. “Getting to perform in different countries brings me joy as I get to interact and present my art in front of people who come from different cultures. The appreciation that comes from such performances is what I truly rejoice as a dancer,” she says.“I expect a large audience at the Sabhagar on the 18th.”

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