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No militancy link in Gaibandha blast, says Rab; deceased mistook mortar shell for valuable object

by Istiak Ahmed Shimul

There is no militancy link or sabotage plan behind yesterday’s blast in Gaibandha’s Gobindaganj upazila, Rapid Action Battalion said today.

Lt Col Ashique Billah, director of legal and media wing of Rab, disclosed the update while addressing a press briefing.

“The Rab investigation confirmed that it was not a militant attack,” he said.

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In the briefing at Rab headquarters in the capital’s Uttara, he said that the blast happened around 4pm yesterday at the house of Borhan Uddin in Mekurai Nayapara village of Gobindaganj.

The deceased have been identified as Borhan Uddin, Ahedul Miah and Rana Miah. Police arrested Habib from the scene while Rab arrested Khairuzzaman from Gazipur this morning, said the media wing director.

Highlighting Khairuzzaman’s statement and the overall situation, Lt Col Ashique Billah said that Borhan and Khairuzzaman received a mortar shell from Habib who found it at an under-construction building in Bogura.

“They kept it at Borhan Uddin’s house. Five people knew about this,” he said.

“Ahedul told others that the object could be valuable. They, along with Khairuzzaman, went to Borhan’s house and tried to cut the object open when it went off,” said the media wing director.  

Three people were killed instantly. But Habib and Khairuzzaman survived because they were not close to the object, he said.

Khairuzzaman said that there was a plan to divide the profit if something valuable were recovered from inside the object. He will be handed over to Gobindaganj Police Station through legal process.

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