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Meet Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik a verified musical artist on all music platform

by Md Sakil

Meet Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik a verified musical artist on all music platform


Now-a-days you are seeing that social media of Bangladesh is ahead of the rest of the countries.

And one of the biggest and most successful social media of this India is a very famous person on social media, who is from a small village Matuail of Demra, whose name is Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik (Onik Habib), he is from a middle class family. He was born on 03 Nov 2003 in Mugdapara,Dhaka Recently, He is now a student.

The 18-year-old Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik (Onik Habib) had already started his social media identity while he was a student. Despite being a student, he did photo shoots for himself even though he did not earn his income, but he did not give up, he took all his photo shoots by taking help from his friends. By doing this, he shot all his photos. Likewise, all his photos went viral on the internet.


Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik (Onik Habib) has started putting his pictures on all social media and likewise all his pictures were liked by the lots of people of the Bangladesh. And hence today he is one of the famous people of Romania .

Similarly, Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik (Onik Habib) name and his followers on social media of Romania

spread in the whole of Bangladesh. And today he has more Fan’s or followers than celebrities


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