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Man sued for raping 2 schoolgirls

by Khan Helal

Two cases were filed on Tuesday with Rajbari Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal against a man for raping two teenage school girls.

The accused, Sabur Pramanik, 55, is a resident of Pangsha upazila in Rajbari.

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One of the girls is in ninth grade at a local school while the other is a tenth grade student at a school in Kushtia. The older girl, aunt of the younger one, came to visit her sister’s house in Pangsha upazila.

Each of the parents of the ninth grade student filed two separate cases against Sabur Pramanik.

According to case statements, on May 9, Sabur tricked the ninth grader into waiting behind a palm tree near her house. He threatened her that if she did not comply, she will be possessed by rebellious jinns or unholy spirits. 

He later tied up the girl and raped her. He warned her that if she spoke of the incident to anyone, he would unleash the jinns to kill her father.

Sabur later came to her house and used the same tactic to rape her again.  

Recently, when the girl’s aunt, the tenth grader, came to visit their house, Sabur duped her into going to his house on the night of June 1 to meet a jinn. He used the same scheme to rape her that night.

On June 10, Sabur raped her again at her sister’s house and he also raped her niece there that same night, the tenth grader said, adding that she disclosed everything to her sister after she fell sick later.  

Arshed Ali, a local union parishad member, said, “Sabur, father of two children, runs a grocery store beside his house in the area. He was also a Kobiraj. He has disappeared after the incident.”

Pangsha Police Station Officer-in-Charge Masudur Rahman said he has heard about the filing of the case at the court and he would take all necessary steps in this connection after receiving copies of the necessary documents from the court.

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