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Jeremy Lin Leaves NBA, Returns to Beijing Ducks : sports

by MD Samsuzzaman Siyam

Succeeded in a scoring-playmaking role, like the one he had during his run in New York. The reason he didn’t stay with the Knicks is, basically, Carmelo said it was Lin or him as the main scorer and obviously they chose Melo. So Lin signed with Houston to be the primary scorer for them, except they traded for James Harden. Harden was better as a scorer and thus became the primary ball-handler, and Lin was forced to play off-ball which was not his strength in the slightest. His performance was pedestrian.

He leaves Houston, he goes to LA, then Charlotte, then Brooklyn, all short stints. By then, everyone considered his run with NY to be a fluke and he never really got the opportunity to be the primary scorer again – because of that, he never looked like a superstar again.

He probably wasn’t efficient enough to be the number one guy on a serious contender. But he could’ve been the number one guy on a fringe playoff team, or better yet, a perennial six man of the year candidate for a contender similar to Lou Williams. Lin had some bad luck in his career.

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