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First episode of Sujit Mustafa’s “Kotha o Kobita” to release tomorrow

by MD Ashraful Islam

Eminent Nazrul Sangeet exponent Sujit Mustafa’s new show “Kotha o Kobita” is set to air both home and abroad tomorrow. The first episode of the series, featuring Kathak exponent Munmun Ahmed will be released online tomorrow at Bideshe tv’s website, their official Facebook page, and YouTube channel at 10 pm (Bangladeshi time).

The name of the programme is inspired by the book “Kotha o Kobita”, written by Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal. “Thus, it’s more like a secret tribute to my father,” shares the host. “The initiative is a series where I wish to feature individuals from different walks of life in order to know more about technical aspects of their work. I intend to ask questions as simply as possible so that anyone, irrespective of their background or literacy, can understand and know more about different professional variables.”

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The show also has segments where the audience can live enjoy music by various prominent and promising singers as the guest will be accompanied by a singer who will be performing live in between conversations. The first day features performances by Yusuf Ali Khan. “Therefore, the audience will be able to enjoy during intervals while knowing or learning about something new,” he adds.

Actor-Dancer Munmun Ahmed is looking forward to a great experience for this production. “Being the first guest of this series, I have been wondering about the questions I will be asked during my show tomorrow. Despite knowing each other for years, there must be some part of me that he is yet to discover,” she shares. “Thinking about my answers, I feel discussion on subjective topics always are dependent on the situation and mood. However, there is no denying in the fact that we are both artistes and a professional discussion is always enjoyable and enlightening.”

Speaking about this initiative, Sujit Mustafa also highlights the recent existing trends in the digital entertainment industry and how certain practices are affecting the existing creative traditions. “The pandemic has made digital media one of the biggest pastimes for our audience. However, the quality of content had dropped drastically due to the importance of capitalistic outcome over quality, he says.

“Only a few online programmes are blessed to have sponsorship and that too based on personal relationships and communications. Continuation of such trends will lead to the destruction of creative arts and more importantly, the mindset of our audience,” he mentions.

He also stresses the importance of sponsorships for online initiatives. “Support from sponsors while trying to create content for the ones who choose quality over viewership revenue will not only mark the rebirth of modern art but also help build a sense of improvement within the viewers’ minds,” he concludes.

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